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5 Fun Southern Maine Fall Activities to Plan for October

Though we all know and love Maine for its balmy summer days, our state is equally (if not even more so!) notorious for its breathtaking autumn. Comfortable temperatures, peak foliage and an abundance of events to enjoy make this season a favorite for many! If you’re looking for fall fun, you’ve come to the right […]

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

As we get older, the brain can start to naturally lose volume and blood flow, leading to memory lapses, forgetfulness and all the other frustrating (but common!) parts of aging. Similar to the way physical activity builds muscle in your body, exercising your brain can strengthen it to help you stay keen! The best way […]

What to Expect When Moving to an Active Retirement Community

After a lifetime of hard work, retirement is your time to relax, pursue your passions and simply have fun – after all, you’ve earned it! Moving to an active retirement community can give you the opportunity to enrich your lifestyle while leaving the burden of homeownership in the past. That said, where you retire is […]

Feeling Sluggish? Try These 6 Easy Energy Boosters

All of us have days where we aren’t feeling as energized as we want to – that’s just a part of life, especially as we age! If you find yourself tired, sluggish or simply not having as much pep in your step, you may be looking for a boost. Though many people consider “energy boosters” […]

22 Delicious Types of Produce to Shop For at Your Local Farmers Market

Visiting your town’s farmers market is a wonderful way to spend a summer morning or afternoon! It allows you to enjoy the fresh air, get some steps in, and be part of your community by supporting local agriculture. Plus, eating fresh produce is immensely beneficial to your health and well-being! Produce changes with the season, […]

4 Beautiful Canadian Cities to Visit This Summer

One of the most unique parts of living in Maine is our close proximity to Canada! Much of our state’s local culture, especially the farther north you get, is influenced by Canada. In fact, for many people who live near the border, entering the country is a regular occurrence! Don’t worry, though – for those […]

July is Social Wellness Month: 7 Benefits of Socialization for Seniors

Humans are extremely social beings! Maintaining relationships is essential in life regardless of age, but the positive benefits of socialization for seniors cannot be overlooked. Frequent social interactions can help keep older adults emotionally, mentally and physically healthy and can even serve as a buffer for some of life’s more challenging events, making us feel […]

5 Places to Cool Down This Summer in Maine

The balmy months of summer in Maine are a wonderful time of year for locals and visitors alike, but there are certainly a few days of the season that can get a little uncomfortably hot. For these days, it’s good to have in mind some local Maine summer activities that are not only enjoyable but […]