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How to Stay Hydrated When It’s Hot Outside

Summer is officially here in Maine, and with it comes warmer temperatures and longer days. That means plenty of fun in the sun and adventure to be had, but it also means higher risk for dehydration – especially for seniors. We need water for our bodies to function properly, and how much hydration your body […]

6 Best Summer Road Trips to Take in New England

Summer in New England is impossible to beat – sunny, perfect days make for an ideal backdrop to explore some of the region’s gems by way of a weekend road trip! Each of the six New England states offers its own unique twist on summer fun and are all very accessible. Whether you visit each […]

10 Delicious Crops to Plant in May

Undoubtedly, all your hard spring garden preparation has paid off, and you have a beautiful garden space ready to sow! May is the perfect time to start planting all your favorite fruits and vegetables so you can have an abundant summer full of fresh produce to enjoy. Wondering what to plant in May? We’ve put […]

8 Simple Ways to De-Stress If You’re Feeling Anxious

Stress management is important at any age, but particularly for seniors. In fact, chronic stress can lead to health issues for older adults over time, where relaxation techniques can actually help improve several conditions including arthritis, nausea and headaches. While stress is a normal part of life, learning the best ways to cope with those […]

Downsizing Your Home? Here is Your Complete Checklist!

Moving from your home into an independent living community is a big life decision! Once that decision has been made, it can feel simultaneously exciting and overwhelming – you may be wondering where to start. Preparing your home for downsizing doesn’t need to be stressful, and coming up with a plan will help the entire […]

7 Ways Golf Can Improve Your Health

There are few things to look forward to more in retirement than the time and freedom to golf whenever you want! Not only is it fun and rewarding, but there are nearly endless health benefits of golf for seniors. Golf is relaxing, low-impact and strategic, which offers incredible social, mental and physical benefits that are […]

Spring Garden Prep: Your Complete Checklist

It takes time, planning and preparation to have a healthy garden, but any seasoned gardener will tell you that extra effort is worthwhile when you see a flourishing bed of flowers or vegetables. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner without a green thumb, we’ve put together 8 useful spring garden preparation tips  to help […]

8 Entertaining Indoor Activities in Maine for Adults

Spring has finally arrived! As anyone who lives in New England knows well, with the spring season comes a mix of delightful, sunny days and some chilly, rainy ones. Don’t let the indecisiveness of Maine’s weather stop you from getting out of the house and enjoying yourself! We’ve put together eight of the best indoor […]

5 Health Advantages of Living in an Active Retirement Community

Compared to older adults that choose to stay in their homes, seniors that decide to move to an independent living community have more opportunities to stay healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally! While you may have questions about what to expect from active retirement community living, know that moving to one can provide you with […]