55+ communities vs. independent living

What’s the Difference Between 55+ Communities and Independent Living?

As we age, our living needs change, and it may be time to explore different housing options where you can stress less and enjoy your hard-earned free time more. For most active, healthy adults considering this type of move, the two most common options are independent living communities and 55+ communities. 

While the two options may seem similar, there are a few important differences to consider in terms of amenities, services, and experiences. In this blog post, we will discuss the characteristics of 55+ communities vs. independent living communities to help you make an informed decision about your retirement!

What is a 55+ Community?

A 55+ community caters to adults aged 55 and older, and are often gated and low-maintenance. They can vary significantly in the amenities and services they offer and tend to be less inclusive than compared to an independent living community. For example, while they may provide the convenience of exterior maintenance services like snow removal and landscaping, they may not offer laundry services, housekeeping, internal maintenance or meals.

Additionally, while there may be amenities offered to keep residents engaged, they usually lack organized programming and other levels of care for retirement-aged adults.

What is an Independent Living Community?

These communities offer an option for seniors who want to live independently but still be part of an active, engaged community. Independent living offers a maintenance-free lifestyle that allows residents to focus on what they love rather than worrying about the burdens that come with homeownership, like lawn care or housekeeping. They can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle without the maintenance!

This lifestyle provides residents with freedom, flexibility, and socialization opportunities. Seniors have the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy activities that they may not have had time for in the past. Independent living communities like Cumberland Crossing also offer a packed calendar of social activities and events for residents to choose from; whether you’re interested in fitness classes, educational seminars, or scheduled outings, there are never ending fun options!

Independent living gives you control of the next phase of your life, offering various levels of healthcare that cater your needs as you age. At Cumberland Crossing, our sister community at OceanView provides a seamless transition to assisted living and memory support through our Wellness Department,  if the need arises.

Cumberland Crossing by OceanView

When it comes to retirement living, it’s vital to carefully consider your interests and the kind of environment you want. Both 55+ communities and independent living communities offer seniors a lifestyle with opportunities to make the most out of their retirement years. That said, independent living communities provide excellent value and serve as a smarter “long-term strategy” when considering retirement options.

Looking to be free of the burden of homeownership? Interested in spending your retirement years surrounded by a community of individuals with similar interests and lifestyles? Cumberland Crossing by OceanView in Cumberland, Maine may be the perfect active senior living community for you! At Cumberland Crossing, we offer stress-free, maintenance-free retirement living with amenities and services tailored to your individual needs. Contact us today to schedule a tour!