spring gardening tips

6 Easy (But Important!) Spring Gardening Tips

Although it technically is still winter, spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing for your garden! One of the joys of retirement is finally having the free time to tend to your plants, whether it be a blooming patch of flowers or a bustling vegetable garden. By starting to prepare your crops early in spring, you’ll be able to ease back into gardening bit-by-bit so it won’t feel overwhelming by the time temperatures rise. We’ve put together 6 essential spring gardening tips we recommend for a successful season!

1. Tune Up Your Gardening Tools

Chances are, you haven’t given your tools much attention over the past winter. Now is a great time to give them a necessary clean-up to ensure they get the job done this year! Sharpen pruners and scissors, clean, sand and oil any wooden handles, and order missing tools so you’re well-prepared.

2. Clean Your Garden Beds

Make sure any debris, such as fallen branches, last year’s foliage, leftover annuals or matted down leaves, are removed from garden beds. This not only keeps nasty pests away, but it also creates space for any spring bulbs you planted last year!

3. Assess & Test Garden Soil

Testing garden soil isn’t something you necessarily need to do every year, but the experts recommend every 3-5 years to see if it’s missing nutrients. Learning about your soil helps to customize fertilizers or chemicals to ensure your best yield, which brings us to our next tip!

4. Feed Your Soil

After testing your soil and determining what it needs, head to your local garden store to find the materials that will work best! The employees that work at these stores know their stuff, so it may even be worth bringing your test results and asking their advice on specific products. 

5. Mulch Away!

If you decided against the soil test, a good rule of thumb is to simply add a few inches of fresh compost or manure in early spring after cleaning out your beds. This will help retain moisture and suppress weeds while giving it a more cleaned-up look. Mulching is one of the easiest spring gardening tips because it requires so little effort yet goes a long way!

6. Add Garden Supports

Now is the time to bring your trellis or supports back into the garden in preparation for new growth! Check the sturdiness of your supports and give them a fresh coat of paint if needed – you may find that you need to replace or even add a few more supports to your collection. The sooner you put out your supports, the easier it will be on you and your plants once they start to shoot out of the ground!

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