golf flexibility exercises for seniors

5 Golf Flexibility Exercises for Seniors to Help Improve Your Game

If you’re a senior golfer, chances are you’re gearing up for this year’s season. The freedom to golf is one of the most wonderful aspects of retirement for many people, so those who play this sport are often more than ready to get back out on the green! Since the snow hasn’t fully thawed yet, there is still a bit of time to prepare yourself and get in the best golfing shape possible. Flexibility exercises will help to prevent injury, restore your mobility, build strength and balance, and improve your game! Here are some essential golf flexibility exercises for seniors to help prep for the season.

1. Club Lunge

Using your golf club for stability, hold it over your head with both hands. If you need to make adjustments, you can also place the club outside of your forward-facing foot. Position your feet in a split stance, shoulder width apart and one foot three or so feet in front of the other. Bend both knees as much as you feel comfortable doing so, with the goal of hovering your back knee briefly above the floor. Push through your front heel to bring yourself back to standing. Your hips should travel up and down rather than forward and backwards. Finish an equal number of repetitions on each side.

2. Sitting Hip Stretch – Variation 1

This stretch uses a chair with arms, so grab one if you have one available. Sit at the very edge of the chair, lengthening and straightening your spine. Keep your hips and knees forward-facing as you twist your upper body to the left, using your left hand on the chair arm for leverage. Hold this for several seconds and repeat on your right side after coming back to center.

3. Sitting Hip Stretch – Variation 2

For this stretch, sit again at the edge of your chair and bring your left ankle up to rest on your right knee with your leg wide, almost as if you are making the shape of a butterfly wing. Use your hand to gently press down on your left knee, which opens the stretch in your hips. You want to make sure your stretching knee is as parallel to the floor as possible, but be sure to ease up if you feel any uncomfortable tension. Hold this for 15 seconds and repeat on your right side.

4. Hip Loaders

Hold onto that chair – we’ve got one more stretch that utilizes it! Stand in front of the chair and place your left foot on the seat cushion, keeping back and shoulders straight. Stretch both your hands as far as you comfortably can towards your left foot. Hold this position for a few seconds, return to standing for a quick break, then switch to your right foot. Repeat this for 8-12 reps.

5. Hip Press

A hip press stretch strengthens your spine and lower body, which is an essential foundation for a golf stroke. Lay down on your back on a firm, flat surface. Bend your knees and plant feet flat on the ground. Pushing through your feet, lift your pelvis up off the ground towards the ceiling. Hold this for a few seconds, rest, and repeat for 15-20 reps.

Balance is a crucial part of golfing, which is why golf flexibility exercises for seniors are so important. Honing in on this skill can only benefit you on the green. Don’t sacrifice accuracy and power because you’re tentative with your strokes! 

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