how to stay cool in the summer without ac

How to Stay Cool in the Summer (Without AC!)

With our beautiful Maine summers come some very warm (and humid!) days. While many people swear by air conditioners, there are some negative impacts of ACs that make them less than ideal. ACs can be loud, drying and expensive when it comes to your monthly electric bills. If you’re wondering how to stay cool in the summer without AC, check out some of our tips here! 

Keep Your Blinds Drawn

Daytime sun beaming through your windows can raise interior heat dramatically, which can be hard to cool down come nighttime. Try to keep your blinds closed during the day to help keep your space more temperate.

Sleep in Breathable Materials

Materials such as linen or lightweight cotton are excellent to sleep in because they are breathable, promoting airflow and providing ventilation. This will help you fall asleep faster on a balmy summer night!

Use Fans Correctly

Did you know there are some extra-cooling tricks you can implement when using fans? If you have box fans, point them facing out the window – it may seem counterintuitive, but this will actually pull the hot air out of the room and make it feel cooler! If you have a ceiling fan, set it so the places spin counterclockwise, which will pull the hot air up towards the ceiling.

Take a Dip

From Maine’s incredible iconic beaches to our crystal-clear lakes, there are plenty of places to swim on a warm day, including Cumberland Crossing’s new 75’ salt water pool! Swimming in cool water can help lower your overall body temperature. Plus, there’s nothing like that first plunge when you need a respite from the heat! 

Stay Hydrated

If you remember one tip for how to stay cool in the summer without AC, let this be it! Staying hydrated is essential to keep your body in top shape on hot days where you’re sweating and can easily become parched. Drinking plenty of water or eating hydrating foods, such as watermelon, throughout the day can help your body regulate your internal temperature and continue to create sweat to cool you down naturally!

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