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6 Tips for Talking with Hesitant Loved Ones About Retirement Plans

Talking to a loved one about retirement plans – particularly relocating to a retirement community – can be a challenging conversation to have, especially if they are hesitant to do so. It’s important to remember that a gentle, empathetic approach is essential for a productive discussion as you talk about retirement plans! Here are some tips to keep in mind as you chat with your loved one about considering retirement communities in Maine.

1. Chat In a Comfortable (and Private) Setting

When speaking about a topic that could be difficult or sensitive, choose to do so in a place where your loved one will be comfortable – and where there is privacy. This way, no one has to worry about censoring the conversation or becoming emotional, and will lead to a much more positive discussion.

2. Discuss Options

As you discuss next steps for retirement plans, try to reiterate the point that there are many options available. You’re not forcing your loved one into a decision! By emphasizing that they have a choice in what their future looks like, it can result in more open and productive conversation. 

While it can be helpful to offer options you have found, be sure to ask them to weigh in with their own opinions, too. This will give your loved one some autonomy and control over their situation. You may be pleasantly surprised at what they have in mind! 

3. Simply Listen

Allow your loved one to express how they’re feeling without judgment or interruption. Hear them out and truly listen to their concerns. This can not only lead to a more effective discussion, but also give you an opportunity to ease their worries with specific examples later in the conversation…which brings us to our next tip!

4. Provide Specific Examples

Get as detailed as possible when you are explaining your reasoning about your loved one moving into a retirement community. List specific events or examples of incidents that were less than ideal – or even potentially dangerous. 

For example, instead of saying “Your home isn’t safe,” recall specific situations where your loved one got hurt, forgot something important, or needed care that they weren’t able to get in their current residence. This can help clarify and help them understand your reasoning for the conversation.

5. Stay Positive

One of the most important tips is to keep the discussion positive! There are so many incredible benefits to living in a retirement community – pursuing hobbies through endless activities and events, continued education, on-site fitness, fine dining, maintenance-free living and options for long-term care to name just a few! Focus on these advantages to help your loved one keep an open mind. 

6. Schedule Tours of Retirement Communities in Maine

There is no greater way to show your loved one all the wonderful benefits of retirement communities in Maine than by scheduling tours to see them for yourselves! These visits will give an inside look into the day-to-day lives of residents and help your loved one better understand what to expect when moving to an active retirement community

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