how do seniors stay connected

How to Stay Connected As You Age

Developing genuine human connections are an essential part of life. This bonding is especially important as we age, since isolation among seniors can unfortunately be a common occurrence. Connection is one of the most impactful ways to overcome feelings of loneliness and find joy and purpose in your life. So, how do seniors stay connected? 

There are nearly endless opportunities for older adults to connect during retirement – you just have to know where to look! There is always something fun and exciting happening in our community at Cumberland Crossing by OceanView, with both new and recurring activities each week.

Enjoy Educational Luncheons

Cumberland Crossing hosts regular educational programs that focus on a unique, interesting topic. These types of stimulating events give you an opportunity to meet new people, hold interesting and engaging conversations, and learn something new!

Explore Local Trails

Whether you enjoy hiking, cross country skiing or even taking a nature walk, this is an easy (and healthy!) way to connect with loved ones and friends, new and old. At Cumberland Crossing, our property has many beautiful trails and is located adjacent to the Twin Brook Recreation Facility, a 250-acre park perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether you’re interested in hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or even simply taking a walk, there are endless nature trails for you to choose from on this beautiful property. Grab a friend and get outside!

Add One New Activity to Your Calendar

Scheduling regular activities can encourage you to get out there and be part of your community, in whatever way that may mean for you! Cumberland Crossing offers incredible recreational and social programs for our residents. Whether it’s fitness classes, game night or long-standing dinner plans, keeping plans scheduled out are a great tip for staying connected. 

Make Time to Volunteer

Volunteering is a wonderful way to stay connected while giving back to your community. In fact, studies have shown that individuals who volunteer may even have improved mental health! Look for volunteering positions that are aligned with your interests or hobbies, or branch out and try something new. Whatever you choose, you’ll feel great knowing that you are giving back to those who need it.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of volunteering, check out our recent “Engaging with Community – Volunteering Webinar” event below!

Take a Continued Education Course

USM’s Senior College’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a local – and very popular! – option for continued education as an older adult. Choose from a wide selection of peer-taught courses in liberal arts and science, no entrance requirements needed! Meeting other like-minded individuals who are interested in the same focus areas can add a layer of connection and even open your mind to new ideas. Cumberland Crossing by OceanView is a short drive from Portland, making this an easy trip into the city for classes!

Dining at Whipple Farm

There is no better way to connect with others than by sitting down to indulge in a delicious meal together! Our historic Whipple Farmhouse, located on our sister campus at OceanView at Falmouth, offers locally sustainable fine dining alongside a large selection of fine wines and local craft beers. Stop in for dinner with friends or hang out at our Community Table to meet some new acquaintances! 

Cumberland Crossing by OceanView

Senior living offers you the freedom to enjoy fun experiences in a social setting with individuals who are relishing the same stage of life. 

Cumberland Crossing by OceanView is an active Maine retirement community located in beautiful Southern Maine. Not only do we offer two spacious, customizable cottages to choose from with a manageable maintenance fee – there are endless opportunities for activities, events, and other socialization to help you stay connected! Enjoy your retirement years to the fullest at Cumberland Crossing. To learn more about our campus, please contact us today!