winter porch decorating ideas

3 Simple Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

Whether or not you like to decorate for the holidays, there is something to be said for a beautiful, wintry front porch! A well-curated porch display can bring joy to passersby and comfort to guests. Not only that – it will truly make you feel at home every time you walk through your front door, even on the drabbest of winter days! Why not make your porch look its very best this winter season? There are nearly endless possibilities for styling this type of outdoor space – we’ve put together three of our favorite winter porch decorating ideas below!

1. Spruce It Up

You likely have everything you need to style a beautifully rustic winter porch, right in your own backyard -especially if you live in Maine! Source some of the following weather-proof materials to make a breathtaking winter display:

  • Fir sprigs
  • Juniper branches
  • Pine cones
  • Bare branches
  • Birch wood logs

Sticking to a neutral palette can help pull this display together – consider using whites, beiges, and browns to offset the natural colors and really make it pop! 

Assemble branches, pine cones and sprigs together in porch pots for unique greenery. You could create a garland out of fir branches and drape it over your doorway, or fill weathered wooden crates with birch logs. 

If you have window boxes on or near your porch, dress those up for winter too! Using your foraged materials, fill window boxes with floral foam and stick in branches or greenery. You could add in some small string lights to make them shine, or wrap with ribbon for an extra layer of festivity.

Get creative with it! However you style it, your porch is sure to look charming and seasonal.

2. Source Vintage

Make a wintry statement with vintage outdoors equipment! Vintage gear is very easy to source locally, generally inexpensive, and can really elevate your front porch or entry. 

Take a pair of vintage wooden skis and use them to hang wreaths or as a backdrop for some outdoor potted greenery. Use a pair of vintage snowshoes as a wall hanging by crossing them, adding ribbon, greens and berries, and mount with twine. If you have outdoor furniture that is relatively protected, you could also add a few vintage wool blankets draped over the arms or across the back for a truly cozy feel, which brings us to our next ideas!

3. Add Some Hygge

We’ve talked before about the many benefits of “hygge,” the Danish concept that embodies a feeling of coziness and contentment. Don’t limit this feeling to your interior – make it a part of your front porch too! There are so many fun ways to make this space feel cozy, even if it’s outside. 

Purchase some “flickering” LED candles and set them in windows, on tables or anywhere you could use a little extra glow. Bonus: these battery-powered lights generally come with a remote, so you don’t have to go outside to turn them on (and they’re not a fire hazard!)

Add some comfortable layers to your patio furniture – we mentioned vintage blankets, but this could work for any durable material like wool or sheepskin.

Another creative idea? If you have a knitted scarf you’re no longer using (or, if knitting is your favorite winter hobby, happen to have extras) try upcycling it into a wreath for your front door! This simple project takes only a few minutes and adds a unique touch to your space. Plus, you can still wear the scarf after the winter season is over! See the tutorial at Lovely Etc.

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