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Feeling Sluggish? Try These 6 Easy Energy Boosters

All of us have days where we aren’t feeling as energized as we want to – that’s just a part of life, especially as we age! If you find yourself tired, sluggish or simply not having as much pep in your step, you may be looking for a boost. Though many people consider “energy boosters” to be caffeine-containing products like coffee or energy drinks, there are healthier, more sustainable ways to stay vibrant and energetic. Here are six easy energy boosters for seniors to help you feel your best!

1. Commit to Proper Nutrition

Eating well and nourishing your body is crucial to maintaining consistent energy levels. Try to consume smaller meals more frequently throughout the day rather than three large meals, which can help keep energy levels consistent throughout the day. Breakfast is especially important!

Combine lean proteins, such as cottage cheese, quinoa, eggs, chicken or fish, with a variety of vegetables and healthy fats to help you feel satisfied and energetic. It’s also a good idea to stay away from starchy carbs like pasta or bread, which can make you feel sluggish and drain your energy.

2. Try Green Tea

If you can’t imagine a morning without your daily cup of coffee, try swapping it out for green tea, which is a healthy alternative that helps keep you alert! Green tea contains about a third the amount of caffeine that you get from coffee, but it also contains antioxidants and amino acids that can improve focus and digestive health.

3. Stay Hydrated

This is perhaps one of the most important energy boosters for seniors, and is often overlooked! Staying hydrated is essential for overall wellness, especially when it comes to improving energy levels. Drink water consistently throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty, as dehydration can seriously sap your energy! For an extra boost, try adding cucumbers, lemons or berries to enhance the flavor and get additional nutrients.

4. Exercise Your Brain

The importance of brain health for cognitive support is no secret. Keeping your brain sharp can also keep you stimulated, which can significantly help with energy levels! Try activities such as reading, writing, puzzles, taking online classes, needlepoint or playing cards to stay mentally active and alert.

5. Stay Active

Just as important as keeping mentally active, staying physically active makes a huge difference in stimulating energy levels. If you’re feeling sluggish you may not feel up for exercising, but trust us – even a small amount of movement can help kickstart your liveliness! Try going for a walk around the block, taking a yoga class or even gardening to enhance energy.

6. Get Plenty of Sleep

There are so many health benefits of a good night’s sleep, particularly when it comes to helping maintain steady energy levels. It’s a common misconception that the need for sleep lessens as we age, but it’s actually the opposite! Sleep allows the body and mind to regenerate, so a good night’s rest supports energy levels in a major way. Listen to your body and be mindful about resting when you need to!

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