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Osteoporosis in Seniors: What You Should Know

Osteoporosis is a common health concern we all face as we age, especially since there is not one single cause but many possible factors at play. Some of these factors are beyond our control, such as age and gender, but others can be managed with proper care. The best thing we can do to protect […]

Diet and Long-Term Brain Health for Seniors

Is there an impact between a person’s diet and long-term brain health? While there are some factors impacting brain health that cannot be changed, such as age or disease, there are several lifestyle changes that can make a difference – particularly when it comes to your diet. Maintaining good nutrition is an essential part of […]

How to Stay Connected As You Age

Developing genuine human connections are an essential part of life. This bonding is especially important as we age, since isolation among seniors can unfortunately be a common occurrence. Connection is one of the most impactful ways to overcome feelings of loneliness and find joy and purpose in your life. So, how do seniors stay connected?  […]

5 Enjoyable Winter Activities for Seniors

Fun winter activities for seniors may seem few and far between during this chilly season in Maine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many creative and stimulating things you can do to stay busy and have a great time, from outdoor nature hikes to diving into a new craft project. […]

What Are the Best Pets for Seniors?

Pets are a wonderful addition to our lives in so many ways. They bring us genuine happiness, help us connect with others, reduce stress and encourage us to stay active. This is especially true for older adults who may be looking for companionship or a little extra joy in their day-to-day life! If you’re looking […]