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9 Ideas for New Years Resolutions

When the new year rolls around, it’s always a great idea to have a few goals for the upcoming year. They don’t have to be a big reach – it could be something as simple as remembering to feel gratitude each day or exercising for 30 minutes. Whatever your resolution may be, it serves as […]

Beautiful Maine Trails to Explore This Winter

Hiking in Maine is beautiful as-is, but there is just something special about walking through the forest in winter. The crisp air, sun sparkling on fresh snow – it is truly something special. There is no better way to stay active and enjoy the stunning backdrops our wonderful state has to offer than by hitting […]

7 Tips & Tricks to Have a Flu-Free Winter

Almost as soon as the weather cools down, it seems that all we hear about is sickness prevention – and for good reason. Now more than ever, it’s essential to take preventative measures to fight against the seasonal flu, which tends to run its course from late fall through spring. Healthy senior living and proper […]

Our Favorite Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for Winter

Chilly weather means lots of cozy, stick-to-your-bones types of meals that warm you from the inside out. There is no easier way to cook up a delicious meal than with a slow cooker! Simply add your ingredients, set the heat and timer, and enjoy your free time while your crock pot does the cooking for […]

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Your Home

With Thanksgiving coming up in a few weeks, now more than ever is a time to reflect, be present, and practice gratitude. There is no better way to get excited for the upcoming holidays, regardless of how you choose to celebrate them this year, than with some easy, beautiful homemade decorations. Not only will these […]

6 Easy Tips to Get Organized For the Holidays

Though the holiday season may look a bit different this year with limitations on group gatherings, there is still plenty to do for a socially-distanced holiday celebration. With the holidays right around the corner, ease any stress you may be feeling by planning in advance for any holiday preparation you may have on your plate […]

5 Best Seeds to Plant During Fall

It may seem a surprising fall gardening tip, but autumn is a wonderful time to plant some of the hardier crops that can be enjoyed come springtime! With soil still relatively warm, it will encourage germination in seeds and be easier to maintain moisture. Talk about something to look forward to! Now the question is: […]

Your Favorite Halloween Treats…But Healthier!

Now that it’s October, Halloween is just around the corner – and with this spooky holiday comes the spooky ingredients and calories lurking in your favorite Halloween candy! But did you know that your go-to festive dessert doesn’t have to be unhealthy? Below, we’ve put together a list of healthy Halloween treats to try for […]

Ideal Activities for Autumn in Maine

If you are lucky enough to consider this state home, you know there is nothing more wonderful than autumn in Maine. The crisp air, beautiful foliage, and unique fall activities make this time of year feel extra special as we bid adieu to summer.  To celebrate fall, we’ve put together some fun ideas to make […]

5 Ways to Conquer Cold and Flu Symptoms

Health being at the forefront of everyone’s mind in recent months is an understatement. The discussion of COVID-19 continues as we evaluate its impact on our daily lives. Just as we are taking health precautions for the virus, it’s equally important to ensure we are maintaining our health to fight against the common cold and […]