reasons to retire in maine

5 Reasons to Retire in Maine

Retirement is a period many of us have been looking forward to all our working lives – you finally have the time and freedom to live life without any other distractions, simply doing what you want to do! That said, with retirement comes transition, and there is often a lot to consider in terms of where you want to spend these glorious days. If you live in a place that doesn’t offer you rest, relaxation and enjoyment, it may be time to think about moving, and Maine is the perfect place to do just that. Below are 5 reasons to retire in Maine.

1. Lower Cost of Living

Many dream of relocating to New England, with it’s four perfect seasons, endless seafood and classic charm. Because of this, some states in New England can get very expensive – but Maine isn’t one of them! Maine offers one of the lowest costs of living in all of New England, including but not limited to progressive tax rates, inexpensive healthcare and low utility costs. This means that regardless of what your career was prior to retirement, living in Maine is easily affordable for anyone.

At Cumberland Crossing by OceanView, we take Maine living up a notch, offering maintenance-free cottages so you can soak up every second of free time doing what you love. We offer two customized options for spacious, energy-efficient floor plans, with nearly endless add-on options and a flexible construction timeframe. Both cottage floor plans include two large bedrooms, a great room (including a gas fireplace for those cozy Maine winters!), a fully applianced kitchen and laundry, two full baths, an all-season sun room, attached garage (1 or 2-car!), solar panels and a full-service generator.

2. Endless Outdoor Activities

If you’re a retiree in search of active senior living, Maine is the place for you! With millions of miles of coastline, nearly 100 mountains over 3,000 feet, and more than 17 million acres of forest and preserved land, the opportunities for outdoor adventure are limitless. Whether you enjoy walks in nature, skiing, hiking, biking, camping or fishing, these activities are right at your fingertips.

A bonus? Maine residents aged 65 and older can receive free day passes to any Maine state park. 

3. Flourishing Local Art and Food Culture

While it may be notorious for its beautiful natural landscapes, Maine also has a unique, flourishing local art scene. From community art festivals and theater performances to hands-on classes and stunning museums that hold world-class collections, the art-lover is sure to enjoy year-round.

Over the past several years, Maine has exploded with a vibrant food scene of varying cultures, flavors and styles. You could be looking for freshly caught seafood or classic Southern BBQ; there is all that and everything in between. With new restaurants cropping up all over the state, incredible food is truly just around the corner. There are even a handful of James Beard Award-winning chefs to be found!

4. Easy to “Go Green”

Due to Maine’s substantial natural resources, sustainable living is easy – and encouraged! There are more than 140 farmers markets across the state that offer locally sourced foods, from fresh produce to local seafood and honey. Additionally, more than ever you are seeing residences with alternative energy sources.

Cumberland Crossing is one of them…proudly offering residents “green living” at its finest! Our Maine retirement community is environmentally friendly with electricity in every custom cottage powered by solar energy…with options for solar hot water and solar generators.  

5. Breathtaking Beauty

There is truly nothing like the stunning, raw beauty of Maine’s rocky coast, lush forests and snow-capped mountains. Our state’s dramatic landscapes are arguably one of the best reasons to retire in Maine. With all four seasons to enjoy, you can experience every breathtaking scenery change, unfolding right before your eyes. The cities in Maine, especially Portland, are historic and cobblestone-filled, often found set right on the Atlantic. One trip up and you will understand for yourself! Plus, your friends and family will be begging to visit (and won’t want to leave!)

One of the Best Places to Retire in Maine

These are just a few of the countless reasons to retire in Maine. At Cumberland Crossing by OceanView, we know firsthand how special and unique living in Maine truly is. From the outstanding natural beauty to local culture and food, there is so much to explore and enjoy throughout your active retirement years. Contact us today to learn more about our wonderful maintenance-free senior living community!