seniors and depression

Seniors and Depression: What You Need to Know

Feeling sad now and again is a normal part of any stage of life and can be particularly common as we age – but sometimes, sadness can turn into something more. The connection between seniors and depression is something that should be taken seriously, especially for those who may be socially isolated, experiencing health issues or dealing with age-related stress.

The good news? Depression can be treated when you are able to identify it. Learn more about how to recognize the symptoms of depression and some tips for helping to manage it.

Recognizing Signs of Depression

Being able to identify signs of depression can be more challenging in seniors than in younger adults because of the way they present themselves – feeling “down” isn’t necessarily the only indicator, especially when combined with other factors like lack of motivation, changes in sleep pattern or even unexplained body pains.

The following are common depression symptoms in seniors:

  • Fatigue
  • Consistent sadness or anxiety
  • Irritability or restlessness
  • Difficulty sleeping (or alternatively, oversleeping)
  • Feelings of guilt, hopelessness or worthlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Unplanned weight loss or weight gain
  • Moving more slowly
  • Loss of interest

Consider how you’re feeling. Do you find yourself fatigued or uninterested in things you usually love? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of socializing? Have your sleeping patterns changed, either sleeping too much or too little? Forgetting appointments or other commitments? If you’ve been having any of these feelings for more than a couple of weeks, it may be best to schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss.

Tips For Managing Depression in Seniors

There are ways to manage symptoms of depression – though it can’t necessarily be prevented, certain lifestyle changes can improve mental health significantly. Some tips include:

If your symptoms are increasing in severity or just won’t seem to go away, be sure to reach out to a healthcare professional to talk about your options. 

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