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Pros (and Cons) of Retiring in Maine

Retiring doesn’t mean settling down – not by a long shot – but it does make you consider where you want to enjoy your free time. Maine is a very popular place for active seniors to retire, and for good reason. There are many, many advantages to living in Maine. If you are interested in […]

A Guide to Your Next Maine Coastal Road Trip

Maine is notorious for its rocky coast, salty air and fresh seafood, wonderful any time of year but especially beautiful in summertime. Now is the time to plan that trip to take advantage of your active retirement and explore the oceans, mountains and forests that can be found along the coast! Not only is a […]

5 Fun Cumberland Recreation & Activities to Enjoy This Winter

Cumberland, Maine is a beautiful community with a deep history and extensive local culture. There’s such a wide variety of activities and recreation to take advantage of during the cooler seasons. With the freedom of your retirement, each day is an opportunity to pursue whatever it is that makes you happy, whether it be a […]

A Guide to the Best Food Trucks in Maine

In southern Maine, particularly around the Portland area, the food scene is second to none. Over the past several years, chefs and restaurateurs alike have flocked to our state, bringing culinary flavors and styles that leave you with endless options. One of the most unique aspects of this dining shift is food trucks in Maine […]

5 Reasons to Retire in Maine

Retirement is a period many of us have been looking forward to all our working lives – you finally have the time and freedom to live life without any other distractions, simply doing what you want to do! That said, with retirement comes transition, and there is often a lot to consider in terms of […]

4 Maine Weekend Getaways to Experience This Winter

Winter in Maine means a few things: chillier weather, unique outdoor activities, and no touristy crowds! This means there is no better time to plan your perfect weekend adventure. There are so many activities to enjoy this season; for those of us lucky to already live in Maine, booking a “staycation” allows you to take […]

Winter Safety Tips for Active Seniors

Maine winters are notoriously breathtaking – this part of the year is a wonderful time to go out and explore the endless beauty our state has to offer! For independent, active seniors, getting outdoors is a great way to take advantage of everything this season has to offer, but it’s important to keep safety at […]

Planning Your Next Maine Ski Trip

Take a Maine ski trip to the stunning snow-capped mountains this winter! Everyone has been excited for the mountains to finally open up, especially with the snow we have been getting lately. We’ve put together some of the best mountains Maine has to offer, highlighting the advantages of each. The best part? All of these […]

9 Ideas for New Years Resolutions

When the new year rolls around, it’s always a great idea to have a few goals for the upcoming year. They don’t have to be a big reach – it could be something as simple as remembering to feel gratitude each day or exercising for 30 minutes. Whatever your resolution may be, it serves as […]

Beautiful Maine Trails to Explore This Winter

Hiking in Maine is beautiful as-is, but there is just something special about walking through the forest in winter. The crisp air, sun sparkling on fresh snow – it is truly something special. There is no better way to stay active and enjoy the stunning backdrops our wonderful state has to offer than by hitting […]